Guardianship Lawyer in Bryan, College Station Texas

Are you searching for a local legal guardianship lawyer in the BCS area?

You have come to the right place! Rod Mitchell is an experience guardianship attorney who can can help you navigate the challenging legal processes related to the guardianship of a person or an estate.

Guardianship of the person means the guardian makes decisions for another. These may include decisions such as where the person lives, medical, or educational decisions.

Guardianship of the estate means making financial decision for someone who is not capable of making their own monetary decisions. A guardianship of the person and estate mas also be created.

For example, if a loved one has alzheimer's or a stroke and needs support for daily decisions, finances, or choosing a place for residential care. Another example would be a a child with a mental disability who is about to turn eighteen may need a guardianship lawyer. A guardianship attorney can also help minors that live with an intellectual or developmental disability who inherit assets, or who want to live as independently as possible.

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